The manufacturing process of thermowood is based on wood processing in high temperature (170 - 220° C) being in steam. Heat processing changes the structure of wood cells, eliminating humidity, germs and acids. The "heated" wood in such way is very bad soil for mushrooms, mould and rot; therefore, it is more sustainable against impact of environment.

   Thermal processing completely eliminates resin; therefore, conifer deals can be used not only in floors, but also in finish of saunas and bathrooms.   

   Thermal processing increases durability of wood and immunity against impact of environment. For example, thermally processed wood of birch and pinewood according to its durability characteristics can be compared to oak. Besides, low humidity capacity is peculiar to thermal wood.    

   Increased durability of thermowood is gained without using chemical substances. During production process and finish no chemical substances are used that could harm wood or a human being. It is advised to use natural wood oil or wax that gives wood fair gloss and prevents absorbance of moisture. Likewise such processing helps to prevent wood against ultra-violet rays due to which wood can gradually lose its fair brownish tone.

   One of the most significant advantages of thermal wood is stability of sizes. Products of natural wood in outside conditions start to become deformed, but nothing similar happens to thermal wood. Neither cracks in materials are much smaller nor are they not gross. 

   During processing of thermal wood caramelization process of sugar - lignin in wood takes place; in the result, wood becomes fair, golden-brown tone. The tone of the surface depends not only on contents of wood's lignin, but also on duration and temperature of thermal processing. Wood, being process in such way, has for 30% more increased heat-durability.  

   Thermowood can be used for both, internal and external finish. Materials that are thermally processed usually indoors are used for flooring or lining of walls of living rooms, as well as for finish of saunas, bathrooms and showers.

   In the outside conditions, thermally processed wood is mainly used for lining of terraces and walls.